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Study Hosokawa Soken Ryu Heiho

Hiroshi Hosokawa, is the family headmaster, soke, of Hosokawa Soken Ryu Heiho. As the director of Hosokawa Ryu International Dojo he welcomes you to study and learn about the martial arts, great culture and glorious history of the Hosokawa Clan; one of the most influental families during the Ashikaga Shogunate and Warring States period.

in a Hosokawa International Dojo!

Practice Chusei Kage Ryu and Hosokawa

Soken Ryu Heiho in Hosokawa Dojo Sweden!

Chusei Kage Ryu

The legacy of Robert von Sandor's teaching from his practice of kobudo in Japan in 1957-1997. At Hosokawa Dojo Sweden you can study this art based upon Robert's teachings to his private students during 11 years in 1986-1997. Robert Sandor practiced in Tokyo, Osaka and Kumamoto. His methods of swordsmanship came from Shinkage Ryu and Enshin Ryu.

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The Institute of Japanology

Robert von Sandor introduced Kendo to Europe in the early 1960s. For many years he was president

of the Europe Federation of Kendo. He wrote several books and essays on Budo and Japanese history.

In 1989 he founded the Institute of Japanology.

Institute of Japanology

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